Weekend Warrior 5.29.20

We are upon our second edition of Weekend Warrior. I anticipate you all had an enjoyable week. I hope we continue to find, nurture and love the strength within ourselves. Today I'd like to write about change.

Change is truly subject of being a warrior. Not everyone can stomach it. They describe change as “to make or become different.”

Sometimes I even have some trouble with it. A lot has evolved for me. I went from being a married father of two, living in my wife's parent's house and a borderline alcoholic. I had a job that was emotionally draining. I am now a single parent inspiring to be a freelance writer, I am at peace. I have altered a lot within myself and my surroundings. Despite all the adjustments, I find I still have a bunch of intransigence to the new.

Resistance doesn’t mean we’re not strong. It has no negative connotation; it just means that we’ve grown accustomed to the norm.

“Change is inevitable, Growth is optional,” -John Maxwell

I always feel a sense of insecurity when change is occurring. We have the decision to either grow from it or stay stagnant.

Is there a situation in your life you have been preventing? This weekend, I challenge you to reflect on why you might resist the subject at hand. What does this mean for you? What creates a scary feeling in your stomach? Can something good come from the prosperity you may experience?

You made it through another week and that alone makes you a warrior. I am proud of you just for coping with the things you may not be open about. This weekend, self-care, love yourselves, and embrace your success. You are a warrior.