Trials and Tribulations

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Good morning beautiful people,

I have seemed to step away from talking about my current run-ins with mental health. The trials and tribulations of my illness.

I’ve been without my Abilify for about a week now and I’m going through the effects of it. I’m irritable, my mood has been fluctuating, and my harmful intrusive thoughts are returning. I just can’t kick the gut feeling.

Although I’ve called every other day, I haven't been able to get hold of my doctors. I’ve left messages, talked to the receptionist who told me she would return my call. I haven’t heard from anyone.

My care facility hasn’t been up to par in a long time and it's unacceptable. Usually, I’d show up and ask to talk to someone in person. I can be rather upfront about my care when I need to be. I understand the pandemic has put us all in critical positions but being out of meds despite my attempts to get them is repugnant.

Another concern I have is that my ability to hyper-focus has returned. I’ve been fixating on expanding my online community through my Facebook group and blog. It's been causing me to neglect the outside world. I don’t feel like it is inappropriate while we are stuck inside, I can see it being an issue later.

How do we maintain our mental health when we run out of meds? It is hard but doable. I think keeping busy is a huge key. Journaling about our experiences is also helpful because we look back at them when we feel better. Deep breathing when we are overwhelmed is another excellent skill.

Hope you all are well.

Much love,


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