The Journey

Hey guys,

I have decided to put Motivation Monday and Weekend Warrior on hold for a bit. I’ve found it's been very hard to concentrate with everything going on with the world. I will continue to journal and sharing my path to wellness.

On Wednesday, I went to a peaceful protest. There were mixed feelings. It felt good to stand up for our rights but sad that after all this time we still have too. Three teenagers facilitated the entire thing which is beautiful.

I’ve also noticed that I’m more anxious and angry when I see that people are responding to Black Lives Matter with All Lives Matter.

I feel it’s such a cop-out because we didn’t choose our skin color. All lives matter is such a confused concept.

How do we stay calm and mindful during this time?

I’ve been reducing my exposure to media and the comment section of Facebook. Many of the comments get me fired up. I've been chatting about my feelings toward it. It’s such a touchy subject that it's not something you want to bottle up.

While I’m trying to keep a level head through limiting my exposure and talking, I’m also seeing how I can take a stand and help.

When we get outside our mindfulness, it is important to check the facts. Ask ourselves, are we in immediate danger? I also have been using breathing techniques to ground myself.

This is a very emotional time for everyone. We have to remember to take care of ourselves first. I hope you all are well.

Much love,



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