Sometimes the world isn't clear to me

The world outside can be deafening

And although i smile its not sincere

I know it takes time, sometime to heal

Sometimes my brain plays tricks on me

My words come out like a tongue twists

 And the things i feel may not be true

A disorder only psychotropics can cure

I need some silence even more right now

Just some time to push on through

The anxiety is debilitating 

Way different then the world i knew

Sometimes my senses can be heightened

And the world is too much to bear

I sit at home and write sometimes

About the times when things were clear.

Sometimes I reflect on life before now.

And it often makes me sad

All the stress was enough to push me

my brain is all i had.

In these times of doubt i feel

And i remember things don't last

The pain i feel throughout my life

Will soon be in the past 


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