September 27 2020

Hello All!

I've taken some time from blogging and I'm not sure if I'm back yet. A lot has happened in my world. I decided to go back to work as an on-call staff. I’m only able to work 15 hrs a week.

2020 has been tough. After Jazzy died, I lost my Aunt Silvia and Aunt Joan. This feels like it's truly the year of realization. I feel defeated at times but I just keep trying to barrel through.

I was diagnosed with bipolar with psychosis. I’ve always had trouble telling the difference between reality and my paranoia. I didn't believe I was bipolar until I had a manic episode. I realized what it was but I couldn't stop myself from engaging in these behaviors.

I've never been so open about my struggles. I feel like I've finally opened up to myself and those around me. I feel better about it and can finally bring my “worlds” together.

I’m excited to finally get a therapist who cares and believes in what I'm going through. I start seeing her in November. We have decided it is a good idea to see her in conjunction with a day hab to gain some skills so I can start to live again.

With that said nowhere but up.

Much love,


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