The sun is shining so brightly. The weather is pleasant and I have a decent backyard. Why am I still feeling so down?

Social distancing, not seeing my doctor or attending appointments has made it hard to maintain up on my care. There was a sense of structure that went with getting dressed needing to be somewhere.

The quarantine experiences are teaching me restraint, how to be alone and better manage my appointments independently.

Not having my doctor meet face to face has taught me restraint. I hate being on the phone. I always get irritable quick and want to hang up. Even though they aren't allowing face-to-face visits, I still have to attend my 30-minute slot. How do you talk on the phone for 30 minutes about meds? I’ve learned how.

The quarantine experiences have trained me to how to be alone and use coping skills. During the “pre-quarantine ages” we could pick up and go to a park, mall and even visit friends to get out of our heads.

We can’t do this now. It's provided me a lot of time to deal with the ugly emotions that I’ve run from. It’s teaching me to cope with them positively and search for other outlets.

It's important for us to take a minute when we start to feel anxious and to try to find positive in the situation. Merely thinking positively could lead to a more fulfilling life. It can help boost your mood, give you a sense of hope and the ability to take control of your mind.

How has the pandemic and being in quarantine effect you?


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