Poem 02: Poetic

Updated: Nov 3

When I look into your eyes

I see something bigger than this world

it comes to me gently

like the touch of a baby girl

and when your voice hits my eardrums

it’s like it penetrates my heart

it brings me to the most beautiful part of the earth

when I breathe it’s you

when I think it’s about you

there’s nothing more in this world that moves me

then to listen to your every idea

when you speak, I hear

when you move, I watch

I love it when you come home from a long days work

and I feel the tension in your body release

as I rub your feet

Or play with your hair

it’s so peaceful the message is clear

you move me to a higher heights

I take longer bounds

you heal my energy you hide my fears

There is nothing more poetic than us


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