November 5th 1967

Good morning all.

Today is a special day, It’s my dear mother’s birthday. God, I miss her so much. It feels like yesterday we were laughing and joking. You see, my mother and I were like best friends at one point. We had a lot in common from traumas to humor and much more in between.

My mom lived through past memories. Her most memorable line was “Tre, do you remember when...?” Her favorite memory was when I was 15 and a song came on the radio. We were standing on her back porch and both started randomly doing the same dance to the song. The situation was totally spontaneous.

That was my mother and i. We have a lot in common especially our love and communication through music. It was just had this connection.

I’ve recently been diagnosed with the same illness as her which I feel brings us closer. If only she were here to know that.

My mom was also very creative. She was an artist. She was very talented. I wish she saw her potential, her worth, how much she had to contribute to the world.

Though there were a lot of crazy times. I know my mom loved me. She did what she would with what she had. My mom was very sick. I love and just miss her dearly.

That’s all for now folks. I hope you are well. I hope to be more consistent with blogging again.

Much love,


P.S the song pulling me though today is “I want more” by Kaleo. The lead singer has a beautiful voice.


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