#Motivation Monday vibes 5/18/20

I’m coming at ya with some Motivation Monday Vibes.

I know this virus has a lot of us down. It's been months since we have seen our friends and family. Netflix has only but so many shows on its platform. They have locked us in the house for what feels like ages.

It seems like it will never end, but it will. The universe has never been more on our side. The test you have today, you will ace it. The job you are having trouble with will get better. Your passion will return. The COVID-19 anxiety will subside.

In this season you will accomplish what you need to do and then some. We have to make the best of it. Certain stressors can weigh us down and cause us to feel not worthy. You are. Each one of you deserves life and love and happiness. We are not our illnesses.

We have to remember to be good to ourselves, during this time. Nourish our body and keep pushing. There will be a better period. It may not be tomorrow, it may not be the next day, but there’s going to be a better day.

Life is a journey. You deserve to meet cool people, eat nutritious food, laugh hard and loud. You all deserve to live an enjoyable life.

This week I hope you will take proper time for yourselves to meditate or engage in coping skills. You are all loved. You all deserve greatness and will bring about magnificent things. I will see you guys through the week

Much love,



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