Motivational Monday

Good morning beautiful people, I’m here with another Motivational Monday article. Today, I’d like to talk about a quote by Sadhguru during his Youth and Truth appearance.

“What is it one thing that draws people, what is it one thing that makes a person wonderful? It is not the shape of your nose, the point of your chin, or a hairstyle. A joyful face is always a joyful face.”

When I go into stores, I put on my headphones. This is, so I don’t have to interact due to my awkwardness. I get my items, and I retire to check out. It never fails, there’s one person who makes small chat. I’ve wondered why. I do everything to look unapproachable, yet still, there's someone who starts up a conversation.

I make my way home. I'd ask my dad why people talk to me in public. He’d answer something similar to that to the point of, I'm not invisible or that people can see my true heart.

So, what does this mean? Every time I go to a store I have to gear up for discussion because they can see something I cannot?

We are our worst critics, many people don’t see us the way we judge ourselves. If you tell yourself you are lousy at small talk, then you will be lousy at small talk. Why can’t we just be humans who make mistakes? How we view ourselves can hinder our true potential.

This week I’d like you to create a mantra. Say it to yourselves twice a day in the mirror. I will choose “I am a great conversation starter, I am approachable.” At first, it will seem unnatural, then you will believe it to be correct.

In the quote, A joyful face doesn’t have to mean a good-looking person, but a beautiful soul. We are all wonderful people with good intentions. When people make a connection on a soul level, every other human observation and judgment will diminish.

Much love,