Well, I made it! The holidays are over. I have a hard time during this season. It was especially hard this year because my mother wasn’t here with us. Yesterday (January 5th) was her D-date. I’ve been avoiding everything to do with my feelings about this day. I made it through though.

My Christmas went wonderfully. I spent it with my little one, Nicole, and my father. They loved everything they received. It was nice having some family time.

On New Years, I spent it with myself. I had every intention of watching the ball drop but I fell asleep and woke up at 12:20 am. I enjoyed watching the post news coverage though.

I utilized many skills to get through this season. A lot of distraction and radical acceptance. (I’m a big DBT guy)

I have big hopes for this year. I’d like to really start living again. Everything is one step at a time. I hope you all get what you need this year and that America really starts getting back to the grind of things. I hope we can be united again. I pray for peace and love to you all. Thanks for joining this ride all. Chat soon

Much love


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