June 2nd

Hey guys,

It’s been a while since I spoke about my current state.

The world is a frightening place right now. With everything going on, from the racism, the riots, and the virus, to the fact that I'm faced with a huge situation in my life. So much is changing and I’m not sure right now what this will look like in the future. This year will be in the schoolbooks. It is important to stay positive in these times.

The racism and the riots are most alarming. Aside from it making me furious. It makes my paranoia symptoms flare. When it first happened, my Dad tried to show me the video. I knew what it would do to my head, so I ignored it. However, it’s all over social media. Which it needs to be.

I am also facing a huge life-changing situation. My short-term disability is up from work and now I have to resign. I enjoyed my job mostly but I just am unable to do it anymore. That bothers me to say, but it is true.

How do we get through this point in time with our illness’?

I have found that knowing my limit has been key. Identifying when I lose touch, then limiting my exposure, has been most helpful. When I feel my symptoms rising, I sign out of my social media and focus on my blog. Refocusing is key, If you don’t redirect your attention, it leaves room to ruminate.

On a positive note, my family is healthy and I couldn’t ask for more. Our town is opening with certain precautions, of course.

Stay safe, everyone.

Much love,



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