Comfortability and Procrastination

Updated: Nov 4

Hey guys,

Today I have quite a bit to get done, I have to run to my old house and make some phone calls that I’ve been avoiding. It’s all doable. Just have to gather courage and motivation.

I want to talk about comfortability and procrastination. I am the biggest procrastinator, why do today when It could be done tomorrow. Sometimes we procrastinate because the situation is uncomfortable. At least that’s my reason.

However, too much procrastination can lead you to some trouble. Is there something that you’re procrastinating about that you could get done today? Whether it’s an uncomfortable phone call, conversation, housework, or errands. Let’s try to get it done today and you will be surprised by the level of accomplishment you will feel.

Now I’d like to chat about comfort-ability. Everyone gets comfortable, it's human. Whether it’s at home where you don’t feel cherished, a job you don’t feel productive at, a person who does not respect you, or a lifestyle where there is room for growth.

Before I decided to make a change, I was comfortable in a marriage that I wasn’t happy with. I was comfortable at a job that I loved but was treated poorly which ultimately ended in me getting burnt out. I was comfortable with being silenced. You don’t realize how much these things can weigh on your happiness and ultimately change the course of your life.

With a little push I decided to leave and make changes. I left my marriage, I left my job and I found blogging. Change seems so scary but stepping away from being comfortable was what I needed. I feel I’m in a spot of growth and positivity that I didn’t foresee. So take that step, let’s step away from being comfortable and head toward a change that could end in something you never imagined.

Much love,



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