Hello all,

Long time no share. I hope you all have been well. Me? I’ve been all right. I’ve been walking and going on many hikes with Bella. I have a few favorite spots now.

Bella has gotten comfortable and into a routine with me. She now wakes me up for our walks. I’ve found that I enjoy our morning walks because there aren’t too many people out.

I’ve also been helping my dad and staying active. Since I haven’t been working, it’s been necessary for me to stay busy. I need to keep a sense of worth and responsibility.

I’ve been feeling a lot of relief now that I took control of my life and who I have in it. My new therapist and I discussed that I need to check in with my ego and make sure my response to things isn't coming from a place of my ego. It’s hard but doable. All I know is I have to get back to my sense of peace. Well, I’ll check in soon guys. Hope you all are well.

Much love



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