Hey guys,

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. A lot had changed and I’m just going with the flow of things. There have been some difficulties but today I feel okay. I was grieving my dear sweet dog, grieving the loss of friendship while gaining some new ones with boundaries and respect.

I am learning what I need from other people and what I will tolerate. It's a slow process, but we all deserve respect from others. Sometimes people just aren’t who you thought they were. People will always show their true colors eventually.

Now for the good news. I drove to Pennsylvania to pick up a new pup who I would like to get certified as my emotional support pet. Her name is Bella. She is a Red Coon Hound beagle mix. Before I got her, my anxiety was so debilitating I was having trouble going outside. She has helped me start hiking and being out in nature by myself. She’s a very good pup and I’m in love. She also attached to me rather quickly.

My mental health is getting better again, Thank you to all who continue to follow me despite my lack of post.

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