Another day

Hello all,

I had a bit of a hard time last night but i made it through. 

Lets back track,

Since my symptoms have gotten a bit louder, I have been having trouble leaving my house. I've been able to make my appointments and occasionally a store for groceries. I’m also a bit ashamed this isn't limited to visits with my daughter. 

Sometimes my ex-wife likes to go out to shop. This has been very triggering to me due to the loud noises and other people. I get very over-stimulated. She has been trying to get me out the house and has been very patient with me. 

Yesterday I felt like she was forcing me to leave the house which made me very anxious. My anxiety skyrocketed and it resulted in my throwing one of my tantrums. 

I am proud of myself because I was able to not lash out with her. I did lash out internally and texted a few people. One being my therapist who was able to help me see it from a different perspective. Later in the evening, I was able to have a conversation and figure out a medium. 

Today I was able to get out to a few places and pushed through my anxiety. It felt good to be outside and get some fresh air. I was very excited to see my little one.

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