Poem 1: Mama

The sun set on January 5

It didn’t rise the next day.

The leaves changed a little slower

The stream ran scarce

A part of me was lost that day

A part I still can’t recall

I miss her smile, her laugh

And her sense of humor most of all

On January 5, my world got darker

What do I do with this loss

I see one lone dandelion

and a whisper “baby be strong”

Mama I hear you in the wind

And your smile in the sun

I will forever carry you with me

And realize my battle isn’t done

I woke up this morning

And saw a flower through the fog

I realize there’s hope

And I’m still filled with love.

I started to believe again

Tho I’m still a bit scared

the flower withstood the cold

And I hear you loud and clear

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